About Us

We are a musical instrument company.

We offer a wide line of excellent quality within the reach of the public.

The ukulele is our star instrument due to its easy learning, portability and simplicity.

It also gives us opportunities beyond music, as a piece of design and decoration thanks to the work of Argentinean illustrators who impregnate them with art.

Where are we?

We are present in more than 150 stores in Argentina. In addition, we go beyond the borders, commercializing in Uruguay, Chile, Spain, Canada and the USA.

What do we look for?

Our mission is to form the 'Bamboo Community' as a space for the encounter of different artistic expressions. We invite you to dream, create and have fun. Music is our way of union and we feel it as a way of life. More than entertainment, it is our means of cultural change.

How do we want to achieve it?

We are committed to the society in which we live. That is why within the framework of our CSR policy we support different causes. That is why our motivation is to grow by carrying out new social actions and to demonstrate that we are all part of the new paradigm. We want to promote education through music by transmitting values of union, collaboration and social commitment.

We invite you to dream, encourage you to live the music.

Music is life.